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The World Bank contracted Integrated Geo-information and Environmental Management Services (INTEGEMS) Limited to perform preparatory activities for the integration of Municipal Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) across seven municipalities in Sierra Leone. The overall objective of the assignment is to perform preparatory activities that will lead to the long-term sustainability of an integrated MSDI across the municipalities, with a specific focus on the secondary cities (Bo, Bonthe, Koidu New-Sembehun, Kenema, Makeni and Port Loko) and Western Area Rural District.

Specifically, INTEGEMS’ assessed the current baseline status of institutional and technical capacity for using geospatial technology in each of the municipalities in support of the project development objectives and components; identified and documented gaps in existing capacity, requirements and challenges as well as longer-term goals and vision; and compiled an inventory and catalogue of geospatial data available for urban planning, disaster risk management and municipal service delivery. These activities are expected to support each of the project development objectives during the lifecycle of Resilient Urban Sierra Project (RUSLP), which is being developed by the World Bank and the Government of Sierra Leone to improve urban management access to services and emergency preparedness and response.

The MSDI readiness assessment was undertaken as part of the World Bank City Planning Labs (CPL) initiative, which has undertaken an ecosystem approach to operationalise MSDI in partner cities and helps cities manage and maintain geospatial data through interventions across its agile and scalable four-pillared IPDS framework (Institutional Arrangements, People, Data, Systems). With proper implementation, this arrangement is expected to lead to the institutionalisation of evidence-based decision making for urban planning and disaster risk management in Sierra Leone, and an overall improvement in the delivery of, and access to municipal services.