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Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

INTEGEMS is firmly committed to delivering the most cost-effective, innovative and quality technological solutions to contribute to disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, response, recovery and restoration, and vulnerability reduction based on risk management principles, to minimize loss of life and economic damages.

Building safer communities against disasters ...
  • We support the development and implementation of disaster risk reduction and disaster risk management strategies, plans, policies, programmes and projects.
  • We develop reliable forecasting and early warning systems, which can credibly develop real-time hydro-meteorological flood analysis/forecasting systems.
  • We undertake multidisciplinary planning and policy-making for disaster management from national to local levels in many urban and rural areas around Sierra Leone


Some of our key interventions in this field focus on:
  • Climate, Weather and Early Warning Systems
  • Hazard Assessment, Profiling and Mapping
  •  Support for Disaster Risk Management
  •  Disaster Risk Management Planning
  • Institutional Planning and Capacity Building for Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
  • Multi-Hazard Disaster Risk Assessment
  • Community-based Approach to Disaster Preparedness
  • GIS and Web Management Information Systems
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Knowledge Documentation and Dissemination