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Final GIS Mapping and Delineation of Four Marine Protected Areas (Sierra Leone River, Sherbro River, Scarcies River and Yawri Bay) in Sierra Leone; Western Area, Bonthe, Pujehun, Kambia Districts.  

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) of Sierra Leone and the West Africa Regional Fisheries Programme-Sierra Leone (WARFP-SL) have contracted INTEGEMS to undertake the final mapping and delineation of four (4) declared Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in Sierra Leone, including the provision of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training services and procurement of GIS equipment. The overall objective of the WARFP-SL Project is to strengthen the capacity of Sierra Leone to govern and manage targeted fisheries, reduce illegal fishing and increase local value added to fish and fishery products. 

The Project entails extensive field data capture and GIS mapping at the appropriate scale(s) to provide details of coordinates, maps and sizes of declared MPA areas occurring in each chiefdom in addition to separate details of the entire MPA areas in the coastal districts (i.e., Sherbro River Estuary in the Bonthe District; Yawri Bay in the Moyamba District and Western Area; Sierra Leone River Estuary in the Port Loko District and Western Area; and Scarcies River Estuary in the Kambia District). INTEGEMS provided an integrated GIS-based approach, supported by groups of GIS experts with appropriate balance of interpretational perspectives and extensive knowledge (including scientific, traditional, and experiential knowledge) of the respective regions, to capture, analyse, model, map and delineate the four declared Marine Protected Areas (MPA).