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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Construction and Operation of a Palm Oil Production and Marketing Project in Daru, Kailahun District

INTEGEMS in collaboration with CEMMATS Group Ltd undertook an ESIA for the construction and operation of a proposed palm oil production and marketing project (i.e., Daru Oil Palm Project), including the promotion, redevelopment, and expansion of the existing Daru Oil Palm Scheme, by Goldtree (SL) Ltd in Jawie Chiefdom, Kailahun District. The overall objectives of the ESIA were mainly to assist with project planning; meet the Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone (EPA-SL) regulatory requirements for obtaining an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Licence; assist in ensuring environmentally sound implementation of the project; provide investors with an insight into the resource values and constraints; provide a forum for local residents, communities, stakeholders and interested parties to become knowledgeable about the Project, and provide a baseline of management information including monitoring requirements.