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Comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping of the Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) mined-out areas and Land Reclamation Program areas; Bonthe District Southern Province, Sierra Leone.

CEMMATS Group Ltd and Integrated Geo-information and Environmental Management Services were commissioned by Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) to undertake to do a comprehensive database/inventory and a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping of all disturbed lands in the SRL concession area during SRL mining activities, and put in place a system whereby the Environment, Health & Safety and Community Affairs Department can be able to update such information on a regular basis. Specifically, the RFP expected the Consultants to undertake the following tasks:

  • Do an inventory of all land disturbance activities in the SRL concession and the different types of disturbed lands.

  • Do a comprehensive GIS mapping of all types of disturbed lands and produce in different layers as well as a composite maps

  • Set up a GIS database system for SRL EHS Department.

  • Train six senior EHS staff on the use and update of GIS database.

  • Capture any other relevant data to put in to GIS format.