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 Comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Sierra Rutile Limited’s mineral exploration projects in the Bonthe and Moyamba DistrictsMoyamba and Bonthe Districts, Southern Province.  

The ESIA study entailed detailed descriptions of the project and environment; legislative and regulatory conditions; formulation of the potential impacts of the proposed project activities; the development of an analysis of alternatives; formulation of an environmental and social management plan to help mitigate or ameliorate negative impacts; and a community development action plan. We also carried out a public disclosure and consultation process. The approach and methodology we used included:

  • Desk Studies and Document Review.
  • Description of the Project.
  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Baseline Surveys.
  • Public Consultation, Disclosure and Participation (PCDP).
  • Identification, Prediction, Evaluation, and Assessment of Impacts.
  • Mitigation of Impacts
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)
  • Community Development Action Plan (CDAP)