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Development and Web Hosting for Hydrological Data Collection and Maintenance

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) contracted INTEGEMS to undertake the Project using a fully integrated team of highly qualified and experienced Data Management Expert, ICT/Web Developer, Hydrologist, Technical Support Staff, and Field Hydrology Technician.

The following Tasks will be implemented by a Team of 6 members:

  • Design and develop a fully operational HIMS, ensuring that all 28 hydrological monitoring stations both surface and groundwater are captured and linked to the central database within the same network server. Ensure that the MWR has a well-designed, fit for purpose and functioning web-based HIMS with the required features to share information on water resources and generate appropriate reports.

  • Provide training and mentorship for MWR staff and assigned users of the database, web-based HIMS and staff responsible for routine maintenance and management of all hydrological monitoring stations.

  • Quarterly maintenance of hydrological monitoring stations and one-year hosting, maintenance and management of HIMS Website and Database

  • The Field Team will visit the targeted hydrological monitoring stations outlined in the ToR to assess the network infrastructure and conduct quarterly preventive maintenance for a period of one year.

  • needs assessment that includes of the mwr hydrological communication network and provides recommendations to address identified gaps specifications required equipment design development an information management system hims