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Mohamed Jalloh is a multi-skilled professional with years of working experience in both public and private sectors. He is well experienced and knowledgeable in Project Coordination, Research, and Monitoring & Evaluation. He has profound expertise in Community Relation and Stakeholder Engagements, Report writing, Qualitative and Quantitative Data analysis using statistical software packages including SPSS. He is competent in designing and developing survey questionnaires for mobile data collection using Open Data Kit (ODK), GeoODK, KOBO Collect, Survey City, and Survey123 software.

In addition, Mohamed is an expert in Livelihood Restoration and Resettlement, Social surveys having conducted multiple successful Qualitative and Quantitative data collection exercises. As a socio-economist, Mohamed has undertaken several studies on socio-economic and demographic surveys with local and international firms like Dalan Development Consultants, Statistics Sierra Leone, and Adam Smith International on various projects including The Pay No Bribe End-line survey, The Anti-Retroviral Therapy Service Survey, The 2015 Population and Housing Census, The willingness to Pay Electricity Bill Survey etc.

He has also contributed on several socio-economic components of various ESIA and ESHIA studies including Freetown Emergency Recovery Project (Landslide remediation) for UNOPS, Development of a Data Base/Website for the National Federation of Farmers (NaFF-SL) etc.

He is a result oriented individual and has worked with people from a multi-cultural background and also has sound knowledge in field work with a positive mindset.

Mohamed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Division1) in History and Sociology at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.