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Hafisatu Ruth Dumbuya is a multi-skilled Consultant with 2 years working experience and has acquired working knowledge in Environmental Social Impacts Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Social Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA), Research Monitoring and Evaluation, Environmental Management Services, Data and Information Management System including Collection of data with applications such as (Fulcrum, Survey 123 and Open Data Kit (ODK)) Geographic Information System (GIS), Public Health Information Systems, Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Public Disclosure. Hafisatu has a proven Financial and Accounting expertise and working experience in using Accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (IBM-SPSS) and experience in Human Resources Services using Enterprise Resources Management (ODOO) in providing Accounting and solutions to various public and private sector clients including World Bank and the United Nations Family.

Ibrahim Aziz Bangura is a multi-skilled Consultant with years working experience in the private sector. He is knowledgeable and has hand-on skills in: Climate Change; Disaster Risk Management; Research, Monitoring & Evaluation; Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing; Management Information Systems (MIS); Data and Information Management Systems (IMS); Web Content Management Systems; Environmental and Natural Resources Management; Geology and Mineral Exploration. His technical skills and competencies include: Joomla, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL; PostgreSQL/PostGIS; survey application software’s (Open Data Kit, GeoODK, Survey Solutions etc); ESRI products (Survey 123, Collector for ArcGIS); data analysis (IBM SPSS & STATA); and productivity tools (adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Infographics, Google Data Studio).

Kenneth Koker is a technically skilled professional with demonstrable experience in Environmental Monitoring (including Air, Noise and Water quality monitoring), Mineral Processing, Management Information Systems, GIS and Remote Sensing, Research and Monitoring and Evaluation. He has expertise in many aspects of ambient noise control, air and water quality, and issues related to the environment. Kenneth has consulted in sound quality, noise, and vibration in multiple capacities at INTEGEMS and he is responsible for performing noise and vibration analyses associated with environmental noise studies. Typical projects he has worked on include Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the Freetown Emergency Recovery Project - Landslide Remediation, and the establishment of a baseline database of the environmental component of the CLSG Project Area in Sierra Leone.

He has provided technical expertise, ranging from data collection of the environmental components (noise, air and water), storage, analysis, mapping and processing to developing a baseline database of noise, air and water quality measurements in residential and commercial areas within the specified Project areas.